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The Libertarian Party of St. Louis County and the Libertarian Party of St. Louis City are here to protect and promote your right to do anything that’s peaceful. The mission of both groups is to support local municipal campaigns which advocate for individual rights and respecting the choices of our neighbors.


St. Louis County Libertarians Deliver Historic Reapportionment Nominations

Party Makes Unprecedented Bid to Join Powerful County Commission

Clayton, Mo., May 24, 2021– The St. Louis County Libertarian Central Committee certified to County Executive Sam Page its complete list of nominees to the county Reapportionment Commission. This commission will redraw county council districts according to population data reported by the 2020 Census. The new districts shall be in force through 2031.

Once every ten years, the county executive appoints reapportionment commissioners nominated by the two predominant political parties, pursuant to the county charter. Ignored by the charter’s longstanding bipartisan shielding, no third political party has ever joined the reapportionment nominations until today.

In 2019 the bipartisan St. Louis County Charter Commission considered amendments to the charter. Libertarians promoted expansion of Reapportionment Commission eligibility beyond the two protected parties, to include all established St. Louis County political parties as defined by Missouri statute. Due to bipartisan opposition on the Charter Commission, this equitable and sensible amendment fell two votes short of a required 60% supermajority approval.

Despite the setback, the Libertarian Party is still “standing up for disenfranchised St. Louis County citizens whose precious rights guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth Amendments [to the U.S. Constitution] have been ground into the dirt,” declared Jeff Coleman, Spanish Lake Township Libertarian Committeeman. Coleman attended meetings of the Charter Commission, and proposed the doomed charter amendment to diversify Reapportionment Commission membership.

“The overriding objective for Democratic and Republican reapportionment commissioners has always been to fabricate council districts that protect Democratic and Republican [county council] incumbents,” observed Coleman. “Libertarian commissioners cannot be corrupted by such a glaring conflict of interest, simply because we have no Libertarian incumbents on the council.”

“With our involvement, the entire community can rely upon Libertarian reapportionment commissioners to produce districts that serve voter interests over politician interests. What an outrageous concept!” he quipped.

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