Initiative Petition Legislation

At the Monday, February 19, 2022 meeting of the St. Louis County Libertarian Central Committee we passed a resolution as follows:

We oppose HJR79, which changes the initiative petition process from 8% to 10% of registered voters, as well as changes the requirement to pass from a simple majority to a two-thirds majority.

Clemency for Carman Deck

At the Monday, February 19, 2022 meeting of the St. Louis County Libertarian Central Committee we passed a resolution as follows:

Whereas the National and Missouri Libertarian Party opposes the death penalty and seeks to eliminate it,

We hereby have decided as an organization, to sign the advocacy petition to seek clemency for Carman Deck, who has an execution date set for May 3, 2022.

Black Lives Matter

The St Louis County Libertarian Central Committee met on Monday 6/15/2020 and passed a resolution which includes several proposals for police reform. The text of the proposal follows:

Whereas discrimination against African Americans was accepted as a matter of law and a socially acceptable practice for most of this nation’s history;

Whereas such discrimination, now having been largely prohibited as a matter of law, nonetheless continues as a matter of practice to this day;

Whereas the effects of this discrimination have created practical and structural disadvantages which persist, both individually and collectively;

Whereas the unequal application of the law by agents of the government is a particularly offensive and injurious form of discrimination;

Whereas this unequal application of the law has manifest itself through slavery, Jim Crow laws, discrimination in housing, voting, employment, education, and many other aspects of life, the most egregious manifestation has been in the summary execution of unarmed African American citizens, from the lynch mobs of another era, through the frequent and disproportionate murder by police of black subjects, including Atatiana Jefferson, who did nothing more than leave the front door to her home open; Philando Castile, who informed a police officer of his legally carried concealed weapon at a traffic stop; Breonna Taylor, who was murdered in a no knock raid in which police sought a suspect who was already in custody; and many others, on a grim list of victims which never stops growing.

Therefore, the Libertarian Central Committee of St. Louis County unequivocally declares our belief that black lives matter, and we therefore support changes in law and practice which work toward both the elimination of discrimination, and the remediation of the lasting damage which past discrimination has done.

We support personal liberty, eliminating the prosecution of victimless crimes, and call for an immediate end to the war on drugs, which has been used to excuse abusive law enforcement practices which have disproportionately affected the black community.

We support economic liberty, the lack of which has blocked many African Americans from achieving the prosperity which their well connected peers have achieved. We oppose eminent domain, which has been used to the detriment of black communities from Central Park to Meacham Park.

We support the reform of policing, including the prompt prosecution of officers who commit murder, the elimination of qualified immunity, the removal of military equipment and tactics from police forces, and elimination of civil asset forfeiture.

We support shifting resources so that public safety can be achieved using appropriately trained personnel, rather than using armed police officers in positions where other professionals would be more helpful.

Ultimately, observing that government itself has been used as a powerful tool to oppress African Americans, we support reducing the power of government in our personal and economic lives, thereby increasing our ability to manage our own affairs, and believe that this will be a great aid to reducing oppression of African Americans and allowing them the liberty and prosperity which, while promised to all Americans, has largely been withheld from African Americans.

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